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How to Pick a Puppy

Picking out a puppy can be quite a challenge. There are many things to think about before making this important decision. For many people deciding what breed of puppy they would like to add to their family is one of the most exciting parts. An internet search is often the first step, but how can you decide between all the various types of breeds? What will work best for your family? What do those cryptic breed descriptions you read really mean? Here is a little translation of some key phrases you might see in some of those breed descriptions.

  1. Assertive, loyal to his family, watchdog – many of these dogs were bred to guard or herd. They will often naturally be suspicious of strangers. While many people initially believe this to be desirable be aware that these feelings will often apply to people such as your Aunt Terry, your sons friend, etc. These are usually not dogs for first time owners.

  2. Even tempered, family dog – this guy would help the would-be robbers carry the TV to the van. If you have a busy household with lots of people coming and going these dogs will fit in well.

  3. Energetic, stamina, best suited to country living – you need more then a big backyard for this one. Best suited to runners, outdoorsy types who intend to involve their pet in their active lifestyle on a daily basis.

  4. Well suited to apartment living – a walk around the block once or twice a day will meet the energy needs of this pooch. He will not likely enjoy, or may not be able, to keep up on a 5 km run.

  5. Daily brushing is needed- expect to spend a good amount of time maintaining a beautiful and healthy coat, or have a groomer do so for you regularly.

  6. Minimal grooming-this guy needs a quick bath after he finds a mud puddle but otherwise he’s good to go.

A few last things to remember:

-Mixed breed dogs can have characteristics from any of the breeds they came from. Do your research on all of the known breeds that form your mixed breed contender and be prepared for any of them.

-No matter what breed you decide on be sure you purchase your puppy from a reputable breeder. Selecting A Reputable Breeder

-There are always exceptions to every rule. A breed description does not apply to every dog of that breed BUT it will be one of your best predictors to help select your puppy.

-The Canadian Kennel Club and Dogs In Canada are excellent resources for information on various breeds when you’re starting your research.

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